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About Us

Welcome to B&B Nursing Ltd, a family-run business dedicated to nurturing and empowering learners. We prioritise dignity and respect, helping everyone achieve their full potential.

As a community-focused institution, we offer top-quality, QQI accredited courses and training in healthcare. Our courses are dynamic, evolving to meet the needs of the healthcare sector and our community.

At B&B Nursing Ltd, we support and inspire our students to pursue their dreams and become tomorrow’s leaders. Join us in creating a brighter, more inclusive future, one learner at a time.

Meet Our Founder, Margaret Byrne

Margaret Byrne brings over 30 years of experience in training within the United States and Ireland to B&B Nursing Ltd. and has been providing QQI accredited courses here in Ireland since 2005.

An expert in human resources, healthcare training and recruitment, Margaret’s vision, dedication and expertise have been instrumental in shaping B&B Nursing into a leading QQI course provider.

Margaret Byrne

Director, B&B Nursing
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Our Mission & Vision at B&B Nursing Ltd.

Our Mission:
B&B Nursing Ltd. is dedicated to providing rigorous training and assessment in healthcare. Our goal is to develop skills and fully prepare learners for employment and further education, while ensuring they achieve recognised and accredited qualifications. 
We focus on the holistic development of each learner, fostering a culture of equality, dignity, and respect. Our commitment extends to delivering an inclusive, high-quality educational and training service, responsive to the changing social, economic, and cultural needs of the community. As a proactive, strategic organisation, we constantly refine our programmes and services to ensure inclusive access, tailored to individual needs. 
Our Vision:
Our vision is to empower our students and professionals to achieve their career aspirations through professional development and learning. We adopt a student-centered approach, particularly aware of the unique challenges faced by adult learners returning to education. We are dedicated to fostering the academic and life skills necessary for a fulfilling educational experience. 


Healthcare Support


QQI Level 5 Healthcare Support 5M4339

Overview: This 120-credit major award, comprising 8 minor components, is tailored for those aspiring to work in various Healthcare settings. It provides a foundational understanding for further education and training in healthcare.

Purpose & Benefits: This programme offers a recognised qualification for Healthcare Assistants in both public and private sectors, essential for both employed individuals and those seeking employment in this field. Read More

QQI Course Information click here

QQI Level 5 Nursing Studies (5M4349)

Overview: This 120-credit major award with 8 components is ideal for those aiming for a nursing career or further healthcare education nationally, in Ireland or internationally. Combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills, it enhances understanding of a nurse’s role.

Purpose & Benefits: Known for our high success rate in progressing students to higher education, this course lays a strong foundation in both theory and practice of nursing, providing a comprehensive understanding of nursing principles and practices. Read More

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Nursing Studies


Intellectual Disability Practice


QQI Level 5 Intellectual Disability Practice 5M1761

Overview: This comprehensive 120-credit course, comprising 8 minor components, prepares learners to effectively support individuals with intellectual disabilities. It focuses on independent and supervised best practices. It provides a foundational understanding for further education and training in healthcare.

Purpose & Benefits: The course aims to develop understanding and skills in working with people affected by intellectual disabilities, their families, and support services. It covers the causes, range, and impacts of intellectual disabilities, promoting awareness of social support models and professional roles in this sector. Read More

QQI Course Information click here

QQI Level 6 Health Services Supervisory Management Skills (6M4978)

Overview: This comprehensive QQI Level 6 course is specifically designed for those aspiring to supervisory roles in healthcare services. It equips students with the relevant knowledge, skills, and competencies needed for such positions.

Purpose & Benefits: The course prepares students for supervisory management roles in healthcare. It focuses on cultivating effective and efficient management skills and lays a solid foundation for further education and training in the healthcare sector.

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Health Services Supervisory Management Skills



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